Is turret plate a healthy mechanic in the game?

I was thinking about that, the game already suffers from snowballing, especially top lane (i'm not playing top myself). Just imagine that, you get ganked and killed, you give the enemy on average 300 gold, if the jungler ganked, then 300g + the assist gold. Then they both start pushing the lane, thus making you lose at least 1 minion wave, which will be another ~200? gold lose. Then they get 2 turret plates (best case scenario), and they get another 320 gold. This way, you are at least 0-3 behind, from 1 death. After this huge advantage early in the game, the top and the jungler are strong enough to simply just dive you. You get dived, die again, and lose turret plates again. While in the game you can only see 0-2-0 k-d-a on yourself, the reality is that you are like 0-6-0 behind. I, myself preferred the old, plateless league to be honest. There were ways to snowball then too, like farming inbetween the first 2 turrets, thus risking yourself, but also zoning your opponent out, but also this was an extreme scenario too. I'm just curious about what you guys think.
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