Gut this

freakin{{champion:92}} abomination once and for all... * Has 100+AD ratios on all her spells * Can cross the distance of 1100 range using her 4 dashes * Time window of 4 second that she can use between every Q dash * No resources,nor cooldowns * Free shield * two hard cc(stun and knockup) * All her damage spells are AoE and hydra works great with AoE * And on top of all that Ultimate that gives her empowered stats on spells more range and more bonus AD,plus she has second cast ultimate in form of AoE that works with percentage of missing health(execute) My verdict:NERF or if it somehow cant be nerfed then DISABLE it, cause in my eyes all this stats accompanied with each other makes this champion unbalanced. P.S. I remember some patches ago how Riot took away AD ratio on Lucian W,after they nerfed him countless time,but to let this abomination to has 100+ ratios on all spells is just ludacris!
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