Bard, the Wandering Caretaker = Mononoke Hime

I got that strange feeling when I first saw the new champ Bard, that I somehow have seen him before. First I thought it might be just the game **Jurney** with its peaceful enviorment. And then I looked deeper in my childhood while I was chilling outside. And I got that feeling again that those little guys that spawn are something that I have a memory of... **and than it hit me!** It was **Princes mononoke**(Mononoke Hime). The little guys that spawn beside BARD are simmilar to the forest spirits( not the same but feels inspired by this) and the mask of the bard resembles it (Link ): And the Bards mask still seemed to similar and than I remembered the white fur the wolfs mask Monokonke has it has a similar eye pattern. (Link) And the "lore" it self is a bit similar not like matching but the peaceful nature and all. Might be totoro under that mask since its so big xD (I'm joking here but I do think Studio Ghibli gave a inspiraton to this) What are your thoughts? I would love to hear from Riot if this was truly inspired by Princess Mononoke. Pls like this "conspiracy" to share it with more people
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