The right way to nerf Senna.

After playing alot of Senna i noticed that she has a highly opressive lane phase and can zone the enemy botlane out of the lane 1v2 while her adc can just free farm. We all know that her kit is overloaded and that she has alot of stats (maybe too many) that acompany her through her souls. So here are some concepts to nerf her in the right way. 1st:lower her crit chance gain to 10% and reduce her base attack range to 575 or 550. That way she wont outscale her 2 crit item adc in min 15 by getting random 45% crit chance and wont outrange the highest range adc by literally gaining way too much souls in like 8 minutes. 2:nerf her soul gain. Higher the cd on enemies to 10 seconds so she cant literally free poke 4 souls every 10 seconds from her enemies that gain is way too high and she will scale way heavier early than a champ like that should. Also reduce the chance of souls droping from minions and monsters i stood at the krugs while my jungler did them and they droped 6 souls which is kinda ks if you ask me. 3.Cut the self healing from her Q in half or just take it away from her if she turns out way stronger than she allready is. The one reason why you literally can't outtrade her in trades is that you have to deal 60-110 depending on level dmg extra to her because that's just gone while she pokes your for shitloads of dmg for healing herself. That way you can actually trade with senna and she has to think before mindlessly spaming Q on her enemies These are some ways of nerfing Senna and no they are not suposed to be combined but these are some of her too strong strenghts she has inside her kit.
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