" B-b-b-but Phantom , why do you build botrk on Miss Fortune ? NOOB !"

A question i get far too often, and not only when I play Miss Fortune . I also get flamed a lot because of that. On ad carries that have no escapes i build botrk to help me escape, it's simple. A xin zhao jumps you ? Just activate botrk and he won't be able to get the 3rd aa to knock you up. It saved me loads and loads of times, it even saved me from a garen ultimate once, the dude ulted me and expected me to die, so he turned away from me, but i botrk`ed him right before he ulted and i escaped with like 20 hp or something due to the heal i got from it. And i also get it on Ashe/Twitch/Varus/Jinx and sometimes Sivir
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