Nexus Blitz First Impression (shhh but this opinion will probs change in future xD )

The music to this gamemode is heavenly. I really like the casual nature of the music kinda reminding you that this gamemode is just about having fun in the mayham that has been created. The map design is good too, I really like how quickly you can swap lanes to help each other out. That said, I think this gamemode has very little strategy involved. The events are just excuses to force teamfights and if you manage to get 2+ kills then you become unkillable and can one shot people at lvl 5. People complain about not picking their own champs in AR URF and now I see why. Every game has been Brand/Yasuo/Akali who just abuse the close, teamfighting map and destroy the enemy team. Most of my games were just the enemy team having the better comp, grouping up and just pushing the lane until the nexus. There wasn't any strategy or any chance for that matter. It wasn't really enjoyable for me and as an assassin/mage fan, my champs just get insta killed in a teamfight because players are so rarely alone meaning I can't jump in and out with a kill. Lots of people seeem to really enjoy this mode and I think that's great. It's good to bring some positivity into league again and I'm happy for the players that are enjoying themselves. However, I personally will stick to SR where there's a bit more strategy than just group and win. But I can see this being fun in the future, I may just have to see when it brings the joy into my room and then I'll join the rest of you :D Also, is it just me or is the brushes being really small in this mode bothering anyone else? I can't seem to place a ward in them xD
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