TFT missioins

Just why not a missions just like the Summoner rift missions . Why you guys are making a separate system with weekly missions ?? I understand you want the people to play the mode throughout the beta but still making the exp for rewards weekly is boring . So the enlighten orb is the first win of the day in that mode which is nice . I can understand in the future when the game goes out of beta there will be season pass to sell and free items season pass etc like any other game at the moment . but still going away from the original Riot games system and creating is sad for me as it's not what i'm used to and i extremely dislike it. I prefer the beta pass be as normal as the SR/Aram missions and everyone can be happy either by playing normal or aram . People like to collect things and i love collecting icons items skins etc in league of legends . But spending time on both systems when they are separated it is really really hard and super grindy . I hope Riot rethink about it and plz if u agree guys please !! write about it too . Write a comment and upvote the post . It is for all of us !! Not against us .

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