Snowdown event supposed to be confusing?

How do I know which missions exist? Usually (during other mission events) there's a list somwhere on here, but I can't find one anywhere this time. Some external sites even report that you have to do the Nexus Blitz part of missions to get Nexus tokens, which is either plain wrong interpretation on their part or not communicated at all by Riot. * Looks to me like Riot is trying to make the whole thing even more obscure, so nobody can plan ahead on how much of it is "free" or when you have to buy the pass to get what you want.. I get that they have to make money somehow, but this is pretty shady business. (well.. the existence of the event pass alone already is in my book, but that's not my point here) * EDIT: I accidentally cleared the not-Nexus-Blitz-part of a mission first and did indeed not gain a Nexus token for that mission. Soo.. I guess Riot just didn't think that was important to tell us. * EDIT 2: Nevermind I found the info, it is in the client: click HOME then Snowdown Event if you want to read it too. I guess it's just the regular shady business then^^
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