Working as intended...

So I bet everyone is shocked, when they encounter a bug in league, especially tft, since Riot is KNOWN for quality code and never %%%%ing anything up. Today I did encounter a minor bug (my heart almost stopped, never seen that happen before!), that totally doesn't affect the outcome of games at all (like the ~~horrible %%%%ing~~ amazingly great rng). So apparrently kindreds ability stops all damage, instead of just 'preventing allies from dying'. This included everyone at full hp, and everyone at not full hp, equally. It is nice seeing jinx rockets going at 5 as and mf ult into them, and their healthbars not being affected at all. Some **Quality** %%%%ing design %%%% again. I have a suggestion: while fixing this thing (by your rate, probably around 2030), you should actually make this play in the background as it reflects the quality perfectly: (for the record, I ended second, because for some strange reason it seemed I was never able to take down the opponents carries. I guess my build was just not good enough)
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