Who is your one trick pony champion and why? Let's share our champion thoughts

Let me kick off this thread by sharing my own Champion main and let this discussion roll onwards. I personally **LOVE** playing jax. I have started playing league of legends back in season 2 when the community was still limited to countable(ish) numbers and I remember being somewhere around the first 10 account levels. All was good,you know I knew nothing like the jon snow I was and I was testing out champions to see who I like the most and who is more fun to play.Note that back then my game knowledge level was low enough to consider tryndamere and incredibly high mechanic champion (I ain't sayin' he sucks but you can find champions with deeper ability interaction than that of tryndamere's). I was in a game playing as miss fortune and I remember feeding my butt off against something like warwick I think. The game was going pretty poorly for us and we were ready to surrender at 20 minutes.One of my premade friends (we were almost all premade then) had jax and while we all were like 0/13 and 2/11 (bunch of feeders and losers is what we were back then) this dude had something like 3/2. The game was going proggressively worse but we were lucky enough to hit that 40 minute _"late game"_. That is when jax kicked off. Dude had that nostalgia {{item:3078}} {{item:3146}} {{item:3124}} {{item:3115}} {{item:3026}} build going on which made jax pretty much unstoppable. Once he had gone ~~full build~~ Every teamfight that happened to erupt he procceeded to **annihilate their carries with just 2 hits!** I was left in awe. I was like "woah..." . I knew I had to play that champion no matter what. So after that game ( _which was won by the way_ ) I started saving up for jax. Once I got him I never really left him. I was Spamming the draft pick normal games with jax. People were busy banning "kassadin" and "katarina" back then so noone ever blocked my jax. At around season 3 I was completely hooked up to the game aiming to become the best {{champion:24}} player there will ever be and around that time,was the time I started queuing up in ranked games to climb the ladder with the newly introduced **divisions!**. Forward 3 years and I am still playing jax,owning **EVERY SKIN** (_except for that elusive damn pax Jax_) and making my way upwards the ladder,though I am more laid back now playing now and then Basicaly My main champion is {{champion:24}} and the reason Why I love playing this son of a b*tch is because he has exceptional scaling at late game and once you have mastered the _little_ skills and tricks he requires you can turn into a death engine from early to late game.With every patch riot is also buffing him more and more so All the more reasons to play more {{champion:24}}lord What is your one trick pony champion and why do you love him so much? Share with us your cancerous pick and join the ** discussion!**
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