Motivation And Tenacity (Actual tenacity, not league's)

I am doing yet another anti-tilt and motivation post. Like I said before a few times, I had two of my previous accounts permabanned, one I really loved, and MISS to this day. But... you must find a reason to WHY you play League. I main support, went from S5 because I left very tilted, have been in a winning streak, I am currently S3, stomping enemies and winning games while sweating from my forehead. You know, you can't avoid tilt. But remember, it is a waste of time. You are playing a game and that's what you should be doing, like when people in sports get called on for their mistakes, or ignore taunting, just to then proceed into making an awesome play and returning those taunts with success. I was a very toxic person, at one mistake I would flame and play so passively I wouldn't help anyone. I decided to change. I decided to change because Im in a group on FB about LoL, and I see tons of casual people hitting Gold and Plat. How? I don't know, but I decided that if they could do it, so could I. Be patient, wait for the right opportunities to engage, know when to play passive, when to strike, have cooldowns in mind. Remember, you have fed in your games. Your teammates have fed in their games, you WILL feed in your games. No, it's not cuz "Mid is bad", maybe Mid is actually pretty good and he played bad. That's why ranked exists, it's supposed to TEST how you behave, how you play. Do not torture yourself or your teammates because of mistakes, mistakes are part of a game... "Yes, but they won because me or my team made x mistakes!" yes, and there's that, because of those mistakes you lost, it had to happen, natural order of things. I used to main my loved Lulu, 200k pts, and I bought two skins for her, had my border and my proud Mastery 7. I lost it all. Do not be like that. Question yourself, why do you play? I play because of the competitivity, because I like semi-roleplaying and using my strong Braum to protect my teammates, my cute Nami with her awesome bubbles, Taric, who is underappreciated and his R is godlike. You want to improve? Take a look at what you're doing wrong, remember what happened, why you died, work on it. Keep using pings and be smart, do not ever change. For the first time in my league life, I have been managing to climb easily, going like 2/9/38 with Braum on a ranked game vs Veigar support. My tips are, find out for yourself. Do not go looking into videos, you will feel so much more accomplished when you see how much you've improved by yourself. And also, make a very, very smart use of your bans. Champs like Master Yi, Nasus, Zyra, Zed, etc must ALWAYS be banned. Even if not for yourself, but for your team. Good luck, be humble, accept defeat, and you will be on the place of those who once defeated you. Mute enemy chat and emotes, avoid tilt and taunting.
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