Yasuo is completely unfair.

I don;t know what you guys was thinking when you made yasuo. But you must be wanting to screw every other mid laner and every other team out there. He gets a shield that blocks all damage for no reason. Practically unlimited dashes. An ult that cannot be stopped. He gets a janna Q for using an ability. So you give him damage. for doing damage. You give him a shield which makes it impossible to lane against him early games. And a wall which pretty much is a middle finger to every mid laner except leblanc. The only champion every that i know that can win him in lane. And all those yasuo mains who will argue that he isn't op just because you want your favourite champion to stay unfair. Get some decency and actually care about the game rather than your own personal gains. I mean why hasn't this guy been nerfed yet. He can lose early game and still carry the end game for no bloody reason other than yasuo. Riot take a look of what you made and actually bring some of the forgotten mid laners who are hiding because of all the close range op mid laners you have made back. There is practically no point in playing champs like anivia and swain anymore because of zed and yasuo and kat. ( I see no problem with kat she is completely fine. ) Who you see in practically every game now because people know if they play them they will win for no reason.
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