Kai'sa is a perfect example of overloaded design.

This nightmare inducing champion (if you can even call her a champion at this level of overpowered) has: • Magic damage on autoattacks • 5 hit passive that deals missimg health magic damage and can be increased by allies and her W • can evolve her abilities to deal even more damage and proc her 5 hit passive more often • Long range single target ability that slows and let's her dash to a target quicker than you can press zhonyas active. •Lock on missiles (probably her only balanced ability) • an attack speed steroid that scales from her attack speed AND GIVES HER STEALTH LMFAO • Adaptive ability ratios allowing her to buy both ad and ap items, meaning you can't itemize against her properly. • and to top it off, a shield on her ultimate. This is not a champion, it's a ton of broken mechanics thrown into one powerhouse of a champion that has been viable ever since she was released. Her kit is so overloaded and it's incredible how she even made it to live servers. She has a 26% pickrate in plat+ because all the botlane players know shes overpowered so they play her. For the love of god make this champion Fair to play against. She is a perfect example on why league will never be in a truely balanced state. Champions like Kai'sa and akali who are released with overtuned kits are incredibly unhealthy. Akali got what was coming but kai'sa managed to go untouched. She is clearly overloaded. I can't be the only one in the world who knows this champ is overloaded.
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