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I am a Gnar main. So i have mastery level 6 with him (I don't have enough blue essence to level him up to 7 :P ). And recently I've played a game with Gnar, i was faced against Tryndamere and he destroyed me. I don't mean destroyed like killing me 2-3 times, but 7 times. I am unable to kill ryndamere , not only is his damage so high but it is his ultimate the reason why I got destroyed. He can freely tower dive and get out with no problems - i flashed, bounced and I did everything I could do but he killed me EVERY SINGLE TIME . And also my teammates recommended me to play '' defensively '' and I did but the problem was that i couldn't level up and that I couldn't get my rage bar up. I couldn't get close to minions or he would've slowed and killed me, obviously. The team was so mad at me that they harassed me in every possible way and said at the middle and at the end of the game ' report Gnar ' . Let's wrap everything up because there are a couple of problems here : * I didn't have bad stats intentionally, and they knew it. * I did everything i could possibly do. * I asked for help plenty of help. But the jungler was too busy. * I had low gold income. So I didn't have that much items like other people had . * I was super stressed . * They didn't want to understand. * They didn't want to listen to me. Riot, I know that you won't read this but please, do something with tryndamere or gnar . This was the worst game for me by far and I don't want to face a similar one . Thank you for listening.
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