How to be good Toplaner?

Hi guys! Basically im mid main and i was d5 at season 7(played around 100soloq) and d2-d1 at flex.I made an new account on EUW server where my plan was improve at my smurf acc(to get better at EAST) but i found myself a new goal and a champion. This champion is GP. I played about 80normal games with him and i think im pretty good (since im diamond i think my mechanic skills is good) and im getting better. Ofc i have lots of mistake but i just wanna improve. Now lets talk about the topic :) My problem is i was playing only at midlane since i started the game (season5 ) its not a joke 90% of my games played on midlane coz i always played with friends (normal,dynamic que, flex) or i dodged. So i know nothing about other lanes(expect jungle). So when i started to play only with GP i realized i dont know lots of toplaners passiv, their CD's , how to freeze when to freez , etc etc. So my question is, how to be good toplaner (with GP)? The primary question about matchups/champs. Since i will play only GP pls guys write down about how do YOU play vs GP, and what does GP do wrong and what he do good. For Example: U are a good riven, u know if gp doesnt have barrel behind him u can full engage on him and kill GP. Or if u play Sion and GP used his W to remove ur Q u can ULT him. Little advice like these are important to me and i will be glad if u can give me advices like these! P.S: I don't speak english very well but i tried my best, sorry for it :)
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