"Thank you" Riot for mu 3 honor capsules

Thank you, seriously. 3 capsules. THREE. IN EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM I FOUND A SHARD FOR A 450 IP CHAMPION: MASTER YI, AMUMU AND NUNU. all of which i already have, mind you. I get the rewards are random BUT THIS IS INSULTING! i'm honor level 5 ffs! I had to choke down answers to team mates and enemies who flamed without reason, feeders, inters and divers, and what do i get for it? A WARD SKIN AND 3 SHARDS THAT ARE WORTH 86 BE?? thank you riot for making me realize that the honor system is BULLSHIT, next season i'll happly stay at honor 2, i'll mute everyone in the chat and never honor anyone in my team ever again. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
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