Please Buff or change the forgotten champions

{{champion:429}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:12}} these champions are left in the dumpster for too long now and when they do get buffs then its just a very small non impacting buff Kalista doesnt only need a buff she needs a full rework of her kit. Nidalee does need buffs in scaling or her base stats. Sejuini needs higher base damage in her base abilities her jungle clear is so slow and her cooldowns are pretty high Tham kench needs a rework aswell a new ultimate perhabs. Alistars cooldowns and mana cost are so high and his damage is pretty low aswell. These champs are forgotten and never played and its not like they have a boring kit because they have a fun kit if u ask me but as u all know only Broken strong champions are played all the time.
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