"Useless bot lane"

I find this saying to be used pretty often. And I find it kinda funny that people use this saying. Especially when it comes from people like the Jungler and Top lane. I mean, if the enemy bot lane is getting more help from their team via Ganks, Tp's, Roams and so on, then how the hell do you expect the bot lane to be more ahead than their bot lane? It makes no sense that a bot lane has to go through constant ganks and constant roams from mid to be called useless at the end when they themselves have not been receiving any help from the team. It absolutely boggles my mind that people are in the right mind to say stuff like that. I understand if the adc is ACTUALLY bad, and has still fed like crazy even after many ganks. But if you don't help a bot lane, don't expect them to automatically be useful later on. Thank you.
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