Honestly curious what you guys think of this 1v3 (I admit, it's normal blind there's 2 Lees xD)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7kiDLyrMn8g I believe I calculated this perfectly such that the mana on leona was the hugest factor in me even being there to begin with (both my laners died by I sensed the enemy leesin would screw it up hoping leona would hook at some point). This read wasn't pure guesswork, he was a play-happy type who I'd already stomped in early counter-counterjungling. I'm silver trash for now, but I really am improving via normal blinds and working on my strategies etc. I hope you can give me feedback if there was any better way to use my flash and q. I am pretty sure I timed the Tiamat resets perfectly, I'm just curious if there was in any way a better path that would guarantee the triple kill even more than what I did (including how I positioned against the wall to avoid many minion hits).

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