He went 1/19 in my game. Now he went 1/17 bc riot simple doesnt wanna bann this obv troll

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I made post yesterday about player That went 1/19 ( https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/general-discussion/vY2u10sE-if-this-troller-doesnt-get-bann-you-gone-way-too-far-riot-and-its-become-unacceptable-for-me?comment=00000000 ) in my game and it was clearly in my mind that this player was just running it down around So i reported him and he didnt get bann so i made post about it and bascly every1 try to convince me that he was just having an unlucky game even tho he was clearly trolling But guess What this player is still free out there and Also Gues What, I just check his profile to see him Dane it again and he'll keep doing it . This time he went 1/17 in an other solo q game which just confirme what i said in last post that this player deserve to be punish or possibly get bann for respectable 14 days like ever troll does as some warning. edit: i respect bord role of not naming and shaming his name this time but i hope u respect the concept of climbing riot and give this player what he deserve and thnk you.
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