No more fun in this game, not even in normal.

I'll explain my problem fast, no reasons to overextend. I'm a worker/student, i can afford 1 or 2 games per day, sometimes aram, sometimes normals, just for fun, for spend my free time. I did only my frist 10 ranked, just for curiosity, and i placed bronze 1. So, the problem is that everytime i try to start a normal for fun i find platinum/gold players that tryhards the hell out of them. My question is: why do i have to find ppl who play better than me in NORMAL? I just want to play for fun, i dont want to play a ranked against skilled people! Can someone explain me this? Can i %%%%in find ppl at my level in normal? Is it so hard to fix this %%%%in matchmaking? I'm literally starting to think on leaving LoL (like most of the people are doing). Ill wait for some repsonse. P.S.: if you consider yourself a really funny person and you want to start writing things about elo/skills or something, i ask you to stop right now, cause i dont care about your opinions, you will only slow the thread. Thank you.
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