Corki Origins?

Hey guys! so i just wanted to ask a question that popped in my head several days ago and has really been bugging me. Why is Corki {{champion:42}} "classified" as Yordle? Yordle`s are described as: "Their skin texture ranges from being completely smooth, to very lightly covered in fur, to ultimately being significantly furry." There is no fur in any of his skins, just the mustache. in every other yordle champion we can clearly see fur (all except Veigar, and thats only because we can`t really see him at all. actually you can see fur in Omega Squad Veigar skin.) So what do you guys think? i know it`s silly that this has been bugging me for several days but i really would like to know your opinion and Riot staff members if they see this post. I just love this games lore and following it as much as i can. Could this mean he will get some kind of lore update or visual tweaks where he will actually look like yordle? or will he just be "declassified" as yordle and just be a human midget or something. Thank you for your time, have a nice day ^^ {{sticker:galio-happy}}
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