Elemental Dragons (Re-Designed)

I posted this a year ago before elemental dragons came (maybe some of you can remember ), now dragons are on riots radar again, i tought i can redesign my concept, here's the results. ------------- By the way you can read my old post from here: https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-en/xEgJfuT2-article-like-rift-herald-baron-dragon-jungle-entrance-trinkets-summoner-spells-ideas ----------------- NOTE: I want to remind that this post is NOT related with NUMBERS its about the SYSTEMS. Any number given in below is open to argument. Note2: Sory for language mistakes. 1. Now dragons spawn between 3 to 5 minute even if they are killed or not.Their spawn timer will be random and only lowest rank dragon can spawn more than once in a row . (See below Dragon Bully System). 2. Upcoming dragon scream 1 min before its spawn (Related with spawning without killed by teams). 3. There is no elder dragon, instead of it, there is a shadow dragon(Must be five, Dragon Power Cycle). 4. Dragons can bully each other to land dragon pit(See below Dragon Bully System). 5. Dragon Buff is not global anymore. Players need to go dragon pit to get buff they needed(See below Dragon Power Cycle System). 6. Dragon buff is not stack on players anymore, players will use last buff they get(See below Dragon Power Cycle System). 7. Buffs amplifies stats of each other. (See below Dragon Power Cycle System). 8. Buffs now weaker by their own but more effective when combined with right one(See below Dragon Power Cycle System). 9. Smite can be used on allies to awake dragon power on him/her for short duration(See below Smite On Ally and Dragon Stances System). 10. Dragon buffs have stances related with players current health(See below Smite On Ally and Dragon Stances System). 11. Junglers cant use smite on himself, but only they can change between dragon powers which they killed. --------------------------- **Bully System** ------------------ http://i.imgur.com/YiZDtPY.jpg Its basically nature of dragons.Even if there is a fantasy ground of this, main purpose is unofficial nerf to prioritizing one dragon on another. Let me explain how: Now more dragons can spawn in 1 game on paper(3 to 5min random spawn time), but dragons have strenght between themselves which means having more strenght is being king of the pit. http://i.imgur.com/SYqk8h8.jpg You can see in the Dragon Rank picture, Cloud Dragon is the most powerfull dragon at the begining of the game, teams need to kill it to spawn other dragons. Actually there is no difference between this and live. The difference is, if Infernal Dragon spawned, now Cloud Dragon can force him to flay away because of the Cloud Dragon is sitting top among dragons in terms of strength. You can understand that there is an inverse ratio between dragon impact on the game and being strong at begining of the game(Not ingame stat wise, only rank). In addition, dragons get stronger both stat and buff wise whenever they force flee other dragons and ranks up if they are not top already. The thing is, dragons cant deal with dragons which higher rank then them, to fix being bottom situation, only lowest rank dragon can spawn 2 times in a row. And how low rank dragon is, gets higher bonuses. Bonuses stacks 5 times. Rank 1 gets %10 increased base stat, 2 gets %20 …. 5 gets %50. So if Shadow Dragon spawns 2 times in a row, then ınfernal, then mountain, then ocean, then cloud. Shadow Dragon Base stat will be increased %250 and Shadow Dragon will be Rank 1 Dragon. This is kinda impossible to happen like this. But If cloud dragon spawn, he will get total %50 increased base stat because of he is starting from rank 1. What this exactly does; First of all, it force teams to choose between objectives, like "we win team fight, we can take tower but we have 1 minute to take ınfernal or ocean will spawn". Second one, now there is another option for dragon fights, teams can leave it or figt to death, they can try to steal and they can delay enemy team from taking dragon until spawned dragon bullied by strong one. Third one, there will be alert for teams which is dragon scream, 1 minute before dragon spawn, it aims to reward teams who react faste...nope, joking, i just want to reward teams who stay calm(Meanwhile thinking about lamb prank videos). TL DR: Spawned dragons can change by their own. ------------------ **Dragon Power Cycle System ** -------------- So, without stacking dragons, there must be something to scale buff power within game time from begining to end. Its power cycle of dragons which is " base stats amplified by different type of ally buff, specific enemy dragon buffs, smited by ally and having 5 different buff on 5 different person on same time." each of this doubles dragon buff related stats of the one type buff. Its main reason scaling buffs but in reality i wanted it to be like "collecting all buffs and giving right buffs to right roles" http://i.imgur.com/AnnutVC.jpg In the Dragon Power Cycle Picture, Each dragon type good against next one, bad against previous one and one of the other two, good with it. For example: Lets consider that we get Infernal Dragon. In the power cycle picture, you can see Infernal Dragon is good against Ocean Dragon. What that means is if enemy team have Ocean Dragon buff, your Infernal Dragon buff related stats will be doubled when you close to the enemy who has Ocean Dragon buff. In the same picture, you can see Infernal Dragon bad against Mountain Dragon, that means your Infernal Dragon buff will double enemies Mountain Dragon buff related stats.So what about other two, one of them will be "Good With" buff. In this case, its Shadow Dragon buff. Allied Shadow Dragon buff doubles Infernal Dragon stats when they close to each other. For Shadow Dragon perspective, allied Infernal Dragon buff is not gonna double Shadow Dragons stats, Shadow Dragons "Good With" is Ocean Dragon. You can get the cycle idea from this. http://i.imgur.com/KBiQXp5.jpg If you have Infernal Dragon u get 10ad, ıf you have ally who have Shadow Dragon buff around you, your base Infernal Dragon buff will be doubled. If emey with Ocean Dragon Buff around you, your Infernal Dragon buff will be doubled again. If your jungler smite you, your Infernal Dragon Buff will be doubled. If your team have all 5 buffs at the same time, and you grouped, your Infernal Dragon Buff will be doubled. At Totall, your base dragon stat amplified by 4 different thing and become 16 x stronger. (Note: Stats only for example) There is a meaning of collecting buffs, unlike live one, you can give up dragons to amplifiy your stats. You can still think that one dragon buff is good between others but you need to play this wisely. Having same buff more than one player means giving up more power. With this, we will feel the real rng elements, still teams will know whats gonna happen, they still have reaction time and more control over it. TL DR: In one team, you want everybody have different buffs instead of 3 ınfernal. --------------- **Having only one type of dragon buff at a time** ------------------- http://i.imgur.com/uPKPru7.jpg Instead of global stat buffs, new system force teams to give right buffs to right roles. One dragon type can be good on early game, but keeping same buffs because of selfish reasons can impact the late game. With sharpening roles needs in specific buffs, i tried to give more strategic meaning to dragons. Like Bully System, thanks to players have to go pit to take dragon buff, now teams have another option for dragon fights; teams can kill the enemy player who needs most that dragon buff to deny dragon power play. -------------- **Dragon Stance System** ---------------- http://i.imgur.com/6qHRI47.jpg Because of no stacking dragon buffs, now all dragon buffs have offensive, defensive and utility stats which changes automaticly based on players current health. And every stances have their own unique passive and active which activated both entering stance and getting smited by ally. Unique passives scale with Power Cycle system, but active doesnt scale. On live, each players can have 3 passive that comes from 3 different type of dragons. Now players with one type of dragon buff have 3 situational passives and actives based on players health. Players change stances while they have between %66-100 (Offensive) health, between %33-66(Defansive) and below %33(Utility).Total 15 passive 15 active --------------------------- **Smite on Ally System** ------------------- It doubles smited allies dragon related passive, in addition, it activates unique passive and grants same dragon buffs active to allies around smited player, teams cant have more then one smite active. Junglers cant use smite on himself/herself but they can change between dragon buffs they collect. With this, junglers will have situational options. While ganking a lane, they can swap between buffs to double laners stats and smite him for more. Meanwhile, because of junglers cant use smite on himself / herself teams giving up from one dragons active no matter what. ------------ **Tracking Infos related with Dragons** ----------- http://i.imgur.com/nix2jM7.jpg Because of there is a too many things to track, i changed some scoreboard info’s. Dragon Time Counter now shows which dragon spawned before, whats coming next and whats spawned same time(Next dragon will be available last 1 minute to spawn). There is a rank icon of dragons which shows which draong is at which rank. Now dragon head added to players champion icon in scoreboard. And dragons which force other dragons to flee have their own indicator on their health bar. Thank you for your time ^^
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