Hello LOL! i know that when aatrox was made he was meant to be a top class warrior with lots of unique abilities and now after some time of his release aatrox is just know as a worthless champ and peaple rarely play with him, when i started playing as aatrox i really liked him and his unique abilities but now, i think LOL just dumped him and they never do anything with him or buff him up, last thing i remember is aatrox's ult increases his blood well and thats it no more buffs no nothing and also his ult's bonus is in _**MAGIC DAMAGE**_????? who uses aatrox like that please please just add something to aatrox to make him more wanted these times also make new skins for him like this frostblade aatrox that i read about u should check that out..aatrox is an underdog and should be more estimated as he is THE DARKIN BLADE!!! thnx guys!!please any aatrox lover support me{{champion:266}}
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