Kayle, the mistake

Let's be honest, after reworks most champs turn out to be more powerful than necessary. But the cast, the so called noobchamps have been spawning form the start (Like Yi, or the forever hated Yasuo with his incredible mobility, stupid and overlasting windwall or his way too high crit, or Lux who can ult more frequently than autoattack)... Some might eventually fade away in the crowd maybe after a few nerf. And there is the opposite side ofc, those, who were created to be useless (like Ivern, who is a bad joke with an even worse pun in the end or Yuumi, who just an afk champ without any reason for exist). And there is Kayle. the newborn version ofc. It only has one problem, but that is a ridiculously big one. Just compare to other champs. Like Corki, Skarner, Fiddle with the most useless passives. How come Kayle got one, that basically makes her incredibly powerful,l just because she and her team lasted long enough without loosing the match. She just have to reach lvl16 and she works by itself. Too high range, too high damage, too wide side effect. 1.5 sec and she made 6 basic by the time, and killed at least 2 tank if not more. Feels like she was created for only that reason so even %%%%%%%%%%%kens can play as well. You don't need anything. Don't need some fancy build, not skill either... Heck! You don't even need a keyboard, because her overpowered basic attacks only need a mouse to point at your target. Is this really fair? Is this really what we call balance? Don't we have enough broken champs for the unskilled to dominate easily? did we really need this Kayle? Please consider a nerf on her, especially on her passive.
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