An unknown champion named veigar

I once played a champion that was feared because of his burst and stun.... But then the rework department attacked. TL:DR, old Veigar, best Veigar Veigar was a champ without any mobility and an one trick pony. He couldn't find his place in a game where mobility beats anything. Just look at ahri, zed, leblanc, s4 kha, lee and so on. His old E, the glorious AOE insta-stun was THE perfect counter against anything that had mobility because everyone got stopped dead in their tracks and you could unleash tiny evil upon them. That was what i loved about Veigar and that's why i played him. The non-meta mage that could mob the floor with mobility creeps. The rework was an attempt to remove veigar from the game, which was so succesfull even urgot got played again. Let's start why veigar is only a mage minion that is worth 300g: His Q can now hit 2 enemies and is a longer range skillshot. Because it hits twice it can now stack ap twice. Seems nice right? Let me tell you something: most of the time during laning when you manage to last hit 1 minion the second minion takes enough damage to barely stay alive and is then finished of by minions. Or you have to auto it. Early you have to stack AP and his old Q was so much better for that. You could just target a minion and you where fine. Now you kill one, and lose another. Veigar wasn't build to push either and he had his W for that anyway. Just change this thing back to a single target skill. It was so much better and more usefull for farming. Now what completely ruined Veigar: his stun (yes veigar has one). The stun was the best thing to counter mobility because you could insta stun that annoying kat,lb,ahri or zed and wipe them off the map or give you enough time to escape. Most of the time both. Now it's a skill that you shouldn't even bother leveling as you won't even hit it on an afk enemy. I bet that you could place 10 stuns in URF before the first stun would actually be able to stun something. I miss the mobility counter. Just give him his insta-stun back. It would make him at least a bit more viable. The lower ult damage doesn't bother me at all. Hell, i would even nerf that ult damage by 80% just to get that insta stun back. His ult still does enough damage to kill mages instantly and thats why it existed in the first place. But for the love of game balance. Give Veigar his insta-stun back. It was the only thing that made him great. And the burst, but that is secondary.

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