Suggestion to Riot to make Pyke more of a support instead of top or mid

We all know riot wants for pyke to be a support, they dont like him in other lanes so i have a suggestion that can maybe fix it. I suggest we rework his passive a bit (everything else stays the same). Reduce his passive healing by 50% but when he is near an ally his healing goes back to healing he has now. That way if he is poked out in top or mid he cant heal as much but if he is poked out in bottom he will most likely heal his HP back (due to his adc being near him increasing his healing,unless adc is back in base or roaming). This will force pyke in the support role. And i know people will say "But jungler can come close to you when you are mid/top and he will heal back like he used to". Well if that is the case then pyke him self is revealing his junglers position coz you know he is not gonna heal that much unless someone is near him and you will be able to ping your allies that jungler is near mid/top and heck you might even be able to avoid a gank and survive.
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