How to Counter Noob Champions? (Actually Serious Thread)

"But there are no such thing as a noob champ" Yeah yeah I know, I'm referring to champions that literally any idiot can pick up and do well with, champions like Annie, Xin Zhao, Tryndamere, Ashe, Darius, Trundle and stuff like that, stuff that has very simple yet effective kits. When I play against them I honestly feel that there is pretty much nothing I can do to stop them, and that they are getting rewarded WAY more than I do for playing at around the same skill level as I. For example, I played Orianna vs Annie, I couldn't keep up with her in farm (though the difference wasn't huge, 5-15 CS), yes I do admit I'm not the best at CSing but Annie has her Q, which is What I believe to be the easiest CSing ability in the game. 1 wrong step from me almost always meant my death, but dumping my full combo on her didn't kill her and unlike her, my abilities were dodgeable. I feel like this is the main factor why I'm in bronze, I struggle to beat easy champions because they are so effective and rewarding for low difficulty, so I thought some of the more experienced/better players here could give me a few tips with that.
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