Champ breaking bug up for 5 patches and nobody gives a pony Riot pls notice

I have to put it here, since nobody read bug reports. (so far nobody answered and ofc bug still exist) I know cho gath is not a ryze or lucian but u cant just say: %%%% this champ nobody playing him. Feel sorry for bad english, not my native . Yes im a bit tilted about it, since i dont know already where i have to type to be noticed by riot . Its like underrated champ rasism... (not a bit, tilted hardcore ^_^) Its about cho gath. His 'e' spell vorpal spikes doesnt apply thunderlord anymore. Every spike hit 100/100 never counts for thunderlord. U even made a tooltip for 'e' vorpals applyes spells effects. I hope u can fix it. It matters alot for him since u cant press q w and then hit minion for thunder lord range poke or just poke with vorpals early with thunder lord or even for lasthit enemy champ by attacking minion. (if its intentional and not a bug then i just dont know why u hate him so much and why there was nothin about it in patch notes) P.S. I hope ppl not gonna spam here about champion power, i just wanna bug to be fixed. Thank u for reading.
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