I tried to play support.

Honestly, I tried for the first time to willingly go play support to practice. I main Jungle and can do everything, except support, because I am kind of bad at it and really don't like it. And I have to say it is in my opinion by far the worst role to play. I admire people that play it and save me from doing it. It is honestly such a terrible experience. On top of being in my opinion a mind-numbingly boring role to play, you get blamed for literally everything; I am kind of used to it playing jungle, but this is even worse. Like: - ADC dives in the middle of enemy {{champion:53}} and his ADC, get nuked, blames support. - Someone face checks a bush ANYWHERE on the map and dies? Blame support for no wards. - Someone gets caught in the enemy jungle? Blame support for no help. Like, I admire that some of you do play this role, but WHY do you do this to yourself? You literally depend on everyone else to do anything, and most of the time they will make suicide plays and die and blame you, or you will engage and they just let you die because you are just a supp and nobody gives a damn about you. HOLY HELL. And I thought Jungle was bad with this. Playing three games in this role were enough to make me decide I will never willingly go there again. NEVER AGAIN. NEVER. AGAIN.
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