Ultimate skin idea

Well we all know the story - Gun Goddess Miss Fortune was not a full ultimate skin, that is a skin that pushes tech forward and achieves new, never before seen feats in LoL. Here's an idea for next true ultimate skin: A combination of two skins: a) legendary (but very well done and vell voiced) champion skin b) special, legendary map skin (for Summoner's Rift). The 2nd part being especially jungle centric. Imagine {{champion:56}} getting a ghastly jungle skin, where are streams of dark shadows moving in the bushes, monsters turn to more dark, nightmarish versions (like wolves getting black, with red glowy eyes and sharper fur), and some weird disturbing sounds. More over this skin could include new player assist mechanics, like for example newly spawned camps (as long as they were killed by teammates or when you had vision of them) having a unique aura that will vanish after a time. A visual aid of otherwise still available but less visible information of when the camp was spawned. As it is ultimate, why not go the DJ Sona way and allow all players to enjoy the map skin if they so choose! No complains about it being unfair, since everyone would get access to it's new mechanics and definitely a true ultimate skin in it's feel! How about it Riot?
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