To early quitters in ranked.

Stop it! If you die a few times, it's not the fraking end of the world. You either help your team by warding more and supporting other lanes so they can carry you and in turn get stronger in team fights. Don't quit in the first fraking 10 minutes because you think its lost. There's a fraking surrender button for that reason. It's a team decision to give up, not yours to decide its over and then decide to walk into your lane backwards and feed so you can hasten the inevitable and then quit the game leaving 4 man behind still trying to make a comeback. I've seen 4v5 come backs and believe me the win is even sweeter but why make a mountain out of a hill by feeding the enemy team to make it even harder. If you quit too early then RANKED IS NOT FOR YOU, infact League of Legends is not for you. Go play mindless games like Call of Duty or something for your gratification since strategy and perseverance isn't your strong suit. A strategy game needs you to walk into the field with a plan and if that doesn't work then you change it on the spot and try something else. The EXIT button is not a strategy! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year /end rant
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