I am not enjoying LoL right now, here is why

For the first time since I first picked up the game way back in 2010 I am not enjoying the game and there are multiple reasons why that I felt like sharing. 1. Literally everyone is an assassin. I like the idea of the new rune system, however it means everyone loses resistances and get more damage. It is extremely frustrating to play the game right now. 2. Snowballing is worse than ever. With the damage output and lack of resistances it is extremely easy to fall behind. I believe catchup XP is also not as prominent as it was. Meaning if you get behind you spend the rest of the game continually falling behind. 3. The game does not feel rewarding. For 7 years I have grown accustomed to getting a reward when the game ends. This is a very basic thing, a lot of people do this. Then it was removed in favour of RNG loot boxes. On top of that those RNG loot boxes themselves do not feel rewarding because of how crappy the values are and the fact that you get less shards if you get a decent one. There is no point to this and the you get more statement is a lie, there is a possibility that exists that you get more. If Riot simply wanted us to get more they would up the value but it is painfully obvious that the system was designed to frustrate players into spending money, a strategy pay to win games employee. 4. The game does not feel free to play any more. On my main account I got all champions without paying, I intended todo the same for my second. That no longer seems viable without investing in hex tech. And even then you cannot reroll champ shards any more so you have to disenchant like 5 for to purchase one champion compared to the 3 before. It was possible to buy any champ for 5600ish with the reroll system. That is very easy to get and do, now, because of the afore mentioned RNG loot boxes plus this it means several levels to unlock one champ. Also Orange essence value was dropped for no reason what so ever other than wanting you to spend more
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