Riot games needs to fix this game

> First of all hello everybody im a league player since season 3. My rank is gold and its just elo hell. Average rank of a player is silver so thats about 50%(or more player) on a server. My problem is as a gold player that there are a lot of boosted players that should be iron or unranked by my opinion because of simple things. They dont react to pings when enemy is roaming or ganking, then they die get tilted and blame on other players why they didnt follow when they could just follow a simple ping to back out. They don't know what split push is so the team goes and dies 4vs5 after 100 messages to wait for 20 seconds and def. Call me toxic but literally they dont have hands they dont know how to press abilities and dont know how rotation works. When your teammates feed and then u type to them to def or buy a god damn pink ward (no wards every single game) they get tilted and if u ping then they call u spammer or toxic but if u call then idiots or something riot will chat ban you it doesn't matter that the person who reported you had 1/10 and we lost the game. So in conclusion iron to plat maybe even plat are the players with little more brain cells in usage. Second topic is THE GAME IS SO UNBALANCED LIKE ITS TERRIBLE ACTUALLY. Please nerf armor or buff lethality because as an ad assasin their mid lane can just buy cloth armor and we cant kill em but they can kill us with no dmg items nice :D. Please nerf tanks like garen is most unskilled champion in the game but when he is fed he just buy bc and tank items and deals more dmg then the ad and he cant be killed. U can just pray in the champ select that players have 2 brain cells or its just 1vs9 the game. Please riot nerf a bunch of champions literally zoe doesn't have to hit e q but she still deals half health by just auto attacking you. So please balance this game out its really begging to get hard to play and enjoy. Thank you.
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