Ornn does not look that great.

All my ornn games today as I tried him out, has ended in disaster XD Every Ornn I have meant has felt like they been feeding. Every Friend in my friendlist is feeling like they can't do anything with Ornn. XD So many bugs, so Many tooltips that ain't showing. (I made a bug report on this, don't worry) An avg score of Ornn is 0/6/1 during the first 20 min of the game. If they reach to late game he might start being useful xD Anyone found success on him, cause I haven't seen anyone in both enemy team, My team, Me and my friends hanving no succues on him XD. Sure he just came out but seeing how no one can get going with him I assume he wasn't ready to go out on live yet xD Edit: Do you guys think there's any reason to upgrade to the high tier items after you bought the first tier? Instead of just going for more passive and actives instead? Edit2: Been testing him a lot more, simply can't get him to work in the toplane, I think I will start bringing him bot.
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