Champion Mastery Titles

These are the titles from when you hover your cursor over a champion, depending on what Mastery they have Thought it'd be cool to share :D **Assassin** _Thug Prowler Cutthroat Reaper Slayer Executioner Deathmaster_ **Fighter** _Scrapper Brawler Warrior Veteran Destroyer Warmonger Warlord_ **Mage** _Initiate Conjurer Invoker Magus Warlock Sorcerer Archmage_ **Marksman** _Tracker Strider Scout Ranger Pathfinder Sharpshooter Sniper_ **Support** _Aide Protector Keeper Defender Guardian Sentinel Warden_ **Tank** _Grunt Bruiser Bulwark Enforcer Brute Colossus Juggernaut_
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