Random Support picks

I started maining support a while ago. I mostly played Soraka/Sona (i had a 70%+ wr all the time since placement till s3). Now i see so many people picking random supports like Veigar, Velkoz etc. and it tilts me really hard cause i mostly lose these lanes/games. Yeah i know Veigar and Velkoz can be played as support but i call it a random pick because they normally aren't support champs. Which champions are good against Veigar, Velkoz and Malphite supports? I heard Syndra but i don't feel like that she's a good support. Especially Velkoz is so terrible to play against in bot lane cause hes poke has low cd and he doesn't even run out of mana at all. Soraka/Sona feel really weak against these champs so i would like to counter pick these champs if possible. Someone also told me Galio should be a good pick against AP supports bc his maxed shield gives 90 mr.
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