Any Cassiopeia mains ? (post-patch discussion)

So i've been playing Cassiopeia since S4/S5, and it became my main in midlane since S6 beginning. What I feel about this rework , it's that it is the same Cassio as before with : - High mana costs in lane phase / early game - **Q range lowered of a significant amount** + **a move speed boost** that sounded like a buff on paper but in reality becomes more viable than the old Q at lvl 4 of the spell ( everyone can find this out with a simple calculation ) - The impossibility to rush tier 1 / tier 2 boots which implies **no mobility advantage** in lane until mid/late game (which was Cassio's main strength) - **Hit and run gameplay** destroyed in early/mid game thanks to the E's CD increased to 0,9 from 0,5 (new E's dmg without the target being poisonned is just insignificant) and so having to build Morello and wait lvl 17/18 (shootout to CDR/lvl runes) to actually play the only fun side of Cassiopeia thanks but no thanks. - More damage on Q+E combo nobody can deny that , but once more what's the point if i can't catch anyone with Q (unless he's himself mispositionning) in mid game because of her lack of range and her 370 move speed ? - A sixth Item but at the cost of less mobility (yeah yeah again haha) , honestly what's the percentage of games whereas the midlaner has enough gold to even buy 5 before one of the two nexus falls ? - Even at lvl 18 (maybe i'm wrong so i will check this up) she's not faster that if you actually built Celerity boots at your second recall. _To resume_ : Riot made this character technically easier (now you can still DPS if you miss a Q or if you eventually misclick E on an unpoisoned target), but I feel like the poor girl's early/mid game was kind of destroyed. Everything that was **fun** about Cassio (Mobility, kiting, outplaying people) is now only to be found in late game considering you have reached 40/45% CDR and this is compensated by a fairly increased DPS on her Q+E combos in very late game (eventually becomes completely broken after she reaches 6th item, but once mores this happens in 1 game over 10 if not less). Her **mobility** crucified "thanks" to her new passive which feels more like a handicap than anything else considering the actual meta whereas games rarely last more than 40 minutes. _To mega mega resume_ : Not funny anymore - So this is what I feel about this and i'm pretty sure some of you Cass players feel the same frustration . But again this is my personnal opinion about this rework and i'm pretty sure i'm not right about everything, tell me what you think :) --------------------{{champion:69}} --------------------

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