Support vs Vayne

Please advise what is the best way to deal with Vayne as support. Now first of all I read often that Vayne's laning phase is bad. Now I certainly don't think so or at least can't find a way to abuse it. In case I play a one skill reliant support like Leona, Thresh or Morg, all Vayne has to do is save tumble to avoid it and literally have some reaction. Even Thresh flay into hook (while you're eating all those AAs) is generally very avoidable. There's also a very good escape called Condemn in case she misplays too. She does insane amount of damage close range. I mean, if I walk up as Thresh, she needs 2 AAs to burn a pot worth of damage. And with free boots from passive, she can easily land them. Her range is about average for an ADC, meaning that she doesn't even have to get into Thresh AA range and she can do whatever to melee supports with huge damage from silver bolts. Then, poke support. Delayed long range poke like Brand's doesn't work cause, well, tumble. Zyra can poke a bit, but as soon as Vayne gets {{item:1053}} it is next to impossible to push her out of lane with poke due to lifesteals. Even from level 1, AA reset from tumble makes Vayne a very terrifying opponent, and at level 2 she can get a displacement/CC if she feels threatened. Even then, you can't poke much as, for example, Sona, because all you do is get walked into (free boots passive ftw)->aad->tumble->aad->condemned (may even be a shorter combo) which makes any 1aa + 1 skill damage negligible. I probably don't even need to say anything about her late game when she 3shots tanks and runs like Usain Bolt on steroids - fast enough to catch up to a flash or one escape ability. Even pinking her invisibility on ult is super hard due to that stupid passive, but I guess that is the least of problems. So my question is - how to crush Vayne as a support? Especially if you have a passive mid range adc who does not harass at all and literally allows Vayne to scale up to infinity? Is there any matchup which is superior against her and does not just include "hoping" that she will waste tumble, not condemn and stay in an unsafe spot and not behind minions? Anything that works well against a Vayne with better reaction that average?
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