Azir's lanings phase is a bit too strong for what he is meant to do

Azir has been released and patched, thinking of him as a late game DPS mage. As he has a lot of DPS poke, he kind if counters melee mid laners. Somehow, he has a powerspike when he gets his first item: Morellonomicon. The moment he gets that item, the cooldown of his W and Q are just so low, he can Q his soldiers twice or even 3 times (need to check that) before they time out. As such, his late-early game and mid game are a little too strong for what is essentially a late-game mage. Anyone else can confirm this? Any ideas on how to solve this? I know Azir is one of the strongest mid laners atm but he is still meant for late game domination, not early and mid game.
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