Some champions need texture reworks Riot

Hi everyone, so today I really wanna talk about something that's been bothering for a long time, and it's champion textures. Some are just not as good as the newest ones we have today on new champions. Compare Lux's classic look with Aurelion's classic look. There's a huge gap between the two. I mean yes I know A Sol is meant to be a star dragon bla bla bla, but still, it's unfair how some champions still have the same textures as years ago, champions like Lux, Udyr, Ezreal, Corki... specially Lux, yeah specially that girl. How can Tahm Kench have a hat made out of 500 polygons while some champions don't even have that amount ! I mean polygons are not texture, but it's pretty related to it, since it's champions' visuals. I really hope Riot puts in some effort to improve some outdated champion looks, because they really need it to match with the game's new trully awesomely lookig champions that are being added. Please give your thoughs, because I really want to know others' opinions about this, and I hope Riot will make some changes.

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