Why is everyone against Rakkan and Xayah

They have been out for like 2 days and people are already calling them "uncounterable". It won't be long till people find counters and ways to play against those champions. For example to me it seems that Xayah is like renekton. A lane bully, but as the game goes on, she gets weaker. Rakkan in the other hand, is like a squishy Alistar with engage and mobility. He is easily killed and countered by mobility (Try to do something against Vayne or kalista. I tell you, it sucks). Neither of them are easy solo carries. Other thing i want to point out is those people yelling how much damage she does when fed. For the love of god tell me one adc that doesn't hurt like hell when fed. Same goes for almost any non-support champion. If Xayah loses lane, she's pretty weak the rest of the game. Both of these champions are strong but need to be played well. If you do bad ultimate with Xayah, you dead. If you engage too recklessly with Rakkan, you dead. Welp, i'm done for now. Off i go~{{summoner:31}}
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