Need some advice on playing Annie support

Hey, um. I usually never play Annie support, I never played Annie often at all. But every now and then, I get a full AD team that I feel I have to get some AP for us. Or there are games I just want to play a carry support that kills off enemy carries. I played Annie twice in my ranked games as support. And I won both of them. But I honestly doubt I'm good with, I have quite a low experience with Annie. When playing against Annie as support as a squishy champion, I'm really scared of her stun and her ignite. That I have to play cautious the whole time. And when she doesn't have stun up, I always try harass the hell out of her or her adc since she has no heal sustain. That is why, when I play Annie as support myself, I have been avoiding trading (and bought {{item:3301}} ) instead, since it will give me more income than {{item:3303}} . And just walk around and be intimidating with my stun and a very healthy HP bar. And when I see a chance, I just Q (or R if I'm 6), ignite and all in on them. And sure, it is working. But I doubt that is the best way to play Annie as support...because I'm actually not doing much harass in lane, since I'm scared of getting out harassed and out sustained. And if adc takes too much harass, I can't do anything about it either... If adc is low, we lose a lot of pressure. Also for the items, I'm not completely sure either if I'm on the right track. {{item:2302}} {{item:3020}} (Depending on situation) Then {{item:3165}} for the CDR and passive effect {{item:3135}} At some point, {{item:3089}} and maybe {{item:3285}} or {{item:3102}} I'm actually deciding to completely neglect utility support items on Annie. Because I'm able to completely shutdown enemy carries with ult in a teamfight. This is like... my 'strategy' so far. It is working...decently. But maybe someone who plays Annie support often have some good tips for me that I didn't know about? :)
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