My opinion on different gamemodes

Summoner's Rift - I only play it when I'm with friends, because I'm afraid of getting flamed, it's just so toxic. If I want to play like a new champion or a new role, and practice it in normals, there's definitely going to be someone who plays their 2 million mastery point main champion in a normal game, and start flaming and eloshaming you whenever you make a single mistake. But like where else would you practice new things if not in normal games? That's why I'm scared to play it alone. TFT - I find it incredibly boring. Sitting 30 minutes to play a game, in which you're only doing something in like 20% of the times, the remaining 80% you're just spectating what's happening. And a lot of the times it's out of your control whether you win or lose, and RNG decides it instead. Like I just played a game, on the loading screen I immediately realised it was a mistake to start a game, because now, for 30 minutes I'll be just sitting here without having fun. The first 3 stages ended, I got literally 0 items, while some others even got 4. And then they camp in the carousel, and if they see you go for something, they'll take it instead, just to frustrate you, even though they get no use from the item and the unit either. Just stand in one place until you start moving, then they take it and emote. 3v3 - I always hated call order, if there was a positional queue, that would be great, but I don't want to go back to "bot or feed" "no, I called bot first" kind of era. I know it's getting removed, so there won't be a positional queue. ARAM - Kinda boring after a while, but this is the gamemode I play the most, because all other options are just awful. There are champions I'd really want to play, but I can't play them on Rift, because I don't want toxicity, so my best bet is trying to get the champion in ARAM, which has a very low probability, but still better than playing Rift. ARURF - I hate it. It's the most toxic gamemode Riot has ever created. If you get a better champion than your opponent, more often than not they'll wish death and cancer to your entire family and hard flame you just for having a better luck with the champion you got. It's absurd. Nexus Blitz - It was legit the best gamemode ever, it was so much fun, you could play whatever you champion you wanted in whatever role you wanted, you could bring anything to jungle, bring anything to any lane, the toxicity was the lowest there and everyone just played it for fun, I'm really sad it didn't end up as a permanent gamemode. {{sticker:sg-soraka}} What's your opinion? What do you agree/disagree with?
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