I think riots trying to hard to stick the the earth bending theme on taliyah

its really hurting her playstyle. you cant make a champion like some sort of movie and implement it in a game, what i mean is she gets animation lock when casting W because she is too busy weaving her hands, she also needs walls to get her passive like wtf? why? just make her surf when shes out of combat, the passive goes on cooldown when damaged or when you are attacking its a very punishing passive and yet you still need a wall, also dont get me started with worked ground why is that skill so punishing? why can you not throw more rocks on worked ground, is it because the ground is only 1 pixel thick? she has alot of pointless limitations that imitate her so called realistic "earthbending" when really shes just another ziggs with a different ultimate. Such a huge shame with a theme this good riot has failed to make an impact full champion I have 25 games on taliyah on the PBE for those of you that think shes hasn't been out for to long for me to complain. when you play a new champion you always know if its trash or if its really hard, taliyah only has one good thing about her and thats roaming and picking people off, but with a meta thats team fight oriented and her skills for the late game are just pointless. when yasuo came out every one was on forums saying he was underpowered when I had a 80% win rate with him, you just know when a champion has potential or not and taliyah has not got the potential to be good even with a high play rate

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