Ahri has always striked me as a negative representation of a woman

Even though I am male, I have always hated Ahri. She seems to embody a male fantasy of what a woman should be like and her backstory basically has her being a "slut" and calling it "lore". You can basically tell that this champion was designed by a man in the same way that you can tell that {{champion:99}} was designed by a woman (because her abilities are ultra cute and her skins are very girly). For a game that was praised for having broken traditional gender roles, (Riot was praised for {{champion:222}}'s design). {{champion:222}} is really the only example of non-sexualised design as every other female champion with the exception of female monsters in this game have HUGE boobs or a massive backside. I do not understand how League can be hailed by some people as "progressive" when it essentially treats woman in this way and I say this as a MAN... not a feminazi. Championship {{champion:22}} is the latest example as her cleavage is showing through her armor for no real reason rather then rampant sex appeal. Feel free to downvote but it essentially does not stop it from being true. This is not how I would want my children to see gender roles in their media.
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