Idea for Sylas rework

P: just like the one on pbe, can get staks like riven (max 2) and deal 50% damage to all exept target who get full damage, also grant attack 40% speed when having passive staks. Q: no longer has the detonation part or a slow on chains hit, insted targets hit in the intersections resive bonus damage and are slowed for 50% fo 1 sec, also deal redused damage for minions W: has extra effect in wich it steal mana from enemy champion if said target is a mana user (unefective vs yasuo and zed), the amont stolen depend on a fix amont + the target remaining mana, also now heal for a % of the damage delt, so even if sylas is low, using W on a hight hp high mr target would heal for little, but using W on low hp target would heal for a good shunk, also no longet triger at 40% but work on % missing health P.S: if you can change the name to "Usurper" would make it more fiting and cooler. E: fist dash grant shield, make shield depend on remaning mana, not % or max mana, exp u have 2000 max mana, if u are full mana, E would give 500 shielding, but if you are at 400/2000 mana, E would give 100 shielding. R: make some interactions of ultimates work plz: - make Illaoi R tentacles react to W while also granting W cdr of the ult - make Vayne R react to E insted of Q, giving more "Tryhard" potential and also granting cdr on E. Cooldowns, AP ratios and mana costs: make both CDs and Ratios low and mana costs medium/not too hight. This rework is ment to shift sylas from a mele ap burst mage to an ap bruiser with sustained damage in mid game similarly to riven and aatrox, having multiple staks on the passive allowing more leway and less waisted damage, W hp/mana steal alowing for sustain in both hp and mana, rewarding agressive players and alowing for longer trades, E shield rework forsing a more mana management, making it more crusial to chose wether to attack the target with more mana or the target with less health.
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