URF will be on the PBE longer than it will be on live on the 22nd

Is this a problem? It seems like the PBE is only about 10% of the total player base, and most of the player base want URF a lot more than the people on the PBE. Many people on the PBE will also be burnt out by the end of the cycle. I know I shouldn't complain but damn, maybe increase the amount of people that has access to the PBE or something. It will be out longer on the PBE than on live servers. All the game modes that have been on the PBE now for Rotating Queue has been on there longer than it will be on live (Ascension and Poro king both suffered from this) But URF is the most sought out after game mode ever. Please extend the time to a full week, or have it as an extra the next week with hexakill and URF as separated game modes. Thank you for reading.
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