What I don't understand...

Why does {{champion:150}}, a champion that requires no mana, have a skillshot that is easily double the range of my main ({{champion:43}}'s Q) and it has more damage, a 3 stacking hit effect and has little to no cooldown at all. Its design decisions like this that make me what to quit the game. What is the point of playing when champions are outclassed on skillshots (what mages are supposed to be GOOD at) by a champion that only needs to build tank or one AD item. This just shows how this game is totally unfair to anything that requires skill. Oh and {{champion:150}}'s skillshot, as well as having double the range, has a return mechanic as well. Honestly it just feels like I'm banging my head on a brick wall compared to Riot and their obvious favoritism towards certain champions. There is no need for {{champion:150}} to have a skillshot that powerful, it doesn't change his role as a tank so why the hell does he have it? BEFORE anyone says, you are comparing Karma to a tank... I know but why does a TANK have a skillshot that is so easily spammable, costs nothing, has a 3-hit stacking effect and better damage. It just annoys me why Riot keeps on with this favoritism by putting skillshots on tanks, {{champion:420}} is the most recent example, easily spammable skillshots with hardly any cost.
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