Champions that could use some nerfs, and what

Hello there! So I've recently thought about the meta, in general but in LCS in particular, and it's now 3 years in a row that the meta still continues to be untouched. Some champions could use some nerfs: 1) {{champion:61}}: Talking about those cooldowns or mana costs maybe, reduce range on E when shielding an ally. 2) {{champion:134}}: Reduce % on the scaling AP on every spell, reduce duration of stun to 1 second. 3) {{champion:79}}: He's been a solid pick for too long, can be tanky building AP, or could hurt you even being full tank, fix that please. Also, wouldn't mind some nerf to his abilities so he finally gets out of meta: sometimes you just have to nerf the guts out of champions for good, he's good to go. 4) {{champion:143}}: nerf that overall damage, she's a support for God's sake. These are the first ones that come to mind for now, I'll add some more if I think to them. These champions are always picked or banned, please do something about that, it's good to have fresh air with new champions every game now.
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